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Safety production is more important than Mountain Tai

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.10.20

According to the needs of the company's safety production, in order to exercise and improve the ability of each functional department to respond to emergencies, the safety management department organized a fire rescue on-site drill in the office area of Allwin.


In order to successfully carry out this emergency drill, the company has established a fire emergency drill leading group to make a comprehensive drill plan before the drill, make emergency drill records during the drill, and evaluate the effect of the emergency drill after the drill. The drill area shall be delimited, the fire smoke bomb and smoke generator shall be used to simulate the fire scene, the safety supervisor shall be set to organize personnel evacuation, and the lifeguard, medical kit and other professional drill equipment shall be equipped.


Exercise and improve the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response of the staff, effectively reduce the incidence of accidents, ensure that emergency management measures are in place in an emergency, quickly and effectively organize the work, and ensure the safety of staff. Life safety is the first priority of the company's safe production! People oriented is always the core concept of Allwin. Strengthening the training or training related to safety production has become a regular work of the company.

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