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Policy and Lean Operation Comprehension

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2023.01.10

——By Yu Qingwen

Lean Mr. Liu gave a wonderful training on "policy and lean operation" to the company's middle-level and above cadres. Its core idea is that an enterprise or a team must have a clear and correct policy goal, and any decision-making and specific things must be carried out around the established policy. When the direction and the goals are clear, the team members can concentrate and go all out without fear of difficulties; the policy management determines the height, and the target management reflects the level.

The definition of policy is "the direction and goal to guide the enterprise forward". The policy contains two meanings: one is the direction, and the other is the goal.

Direction is the foundation and can guide us in a given direction.

The goal is the final result we want to achieve. The positioning of the goal is very important. If it is very easy to achieve, it is not called a goal but a node; but if it cannot be achieved and is difficult to achieve, it is not called a goal but a dream. Reasonable goals require the concerted efforts of the team and can be achieved through hard work. We must dare to raise the target, only by raising the target can we find potential problems and repair loopholes in time; just like mountaineering, you don’t need to make a plan to climb a 200-meter-high hill, just climb it; if you want to climb Mount Everest, it can't be done if there is no sufficient physical strength and careful planning.

With the direction and the goal determined, the rest is how to ensure that you are always moving in the right direction, how to correct deviations in a timely manner, that is, what method to use to ensure the realization of the policy and goals, and to ensure that the system design is reasonable and practical. The chances of realizing it will increase greatly.

The operation management of policy objectives is actually to let the enterprise design a management system to ensure the smooth realization of the enterprise's goals.

To do well in anything, talents are the foundation; a good corporate culture can attract and retain talents; it can also discover and cultivate talents from within the enterprise. A large part of the reason why many people are mediocre is that they have not put them in a suitable position and their advantages have not been brought into play.

The policy goals of the enterprise must be decomposed layer by layer, breaking down the big goals into small goals according to the level, extending to the most basic level; let everyone know the goals of each level, including the company's goals, understand and agree with each other, Let everyone understand that we are a community of interests, and we all prosper and all lose.

The operation management system should be checked at any time from the following four aspects: whether it is implemented, whether the resource capacity is sufficient, whether the strategy can support the realization of the goal, and whether the strategy is effectively implemented. Find problems, adjust them at any time, and correct deviations at any time to ensure the correctness and effective operation of the system

The operating system should also be managed in accordance with the PDCA cycle: raise goals, discover problems, patch vulnerabilities, and strengthen the system. The above process should be carried out cyclically all the time, but it is not a simple cycle, but is rising in the cycle.

In order to achieve the policy goals, daily performance management is required; not only the policy goals must be visualized, but also the systematic methods adopted around the realization of the policy goals. One is to remind everyone to pay attention to the guidelines and goals at any time, and the other is to make it easy for everyone to correct deviations at any time and make fine-tuning at any time, so that they will not pay a heavy price for uncontrollable mistakes.

All roads lead to Rome, but there must be a road that is the closest and has the shortest arrival time. Operations management is to try to find this shortcut to Rome.

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