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Training of Frank Communication for Leadership

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.03.04

Recently, Mr. Liu Baosheng and Mr. Bai Baojun from Huizhi Lean came to our company for a four-day training and counseling.

Training content: Frank Communication for Leadership.

Participants: all members of the leadership class.


Mr. Liu talked about the necessity of Frank communication from simply to deeply, from outside to inside, from the three levels of communication,  the three obstacles to communication, speaking your fears out loud and dealing with the three steps of facing fears. And the most important, Mr. Liu lead everyone to explore the source of their own communication barriers.

All members of the leadership class used two hours in the evening to look forward to the future from three aspects: themselves, the team and the company. With new goals, actions and ideas, the company firmly believes that under the leadership of the chairman and the senior management team, under the guidance of Huizhi Lean, the employees are united and guided by the medium-term goals, grow steadily to a new development height.

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