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Fighting the Epidemic and Guaranteeing Production

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.05.19

The production volume of Allwin Technology North plant is large, and the epidemic situation was sealed and controlled in March. Due to insufficient preparation in advance, the resumption of work and production lags behind, and the loss of production capacity is huge. In April, when the majority of cadres and workers rolled up their sleeves to make up for the losses in March and lay a good foundation for the full completion of the annual operation indicators, a new round of epidemic surged again. However, they learned from the lessons of the last closure. This time, they responded in an orderly and leisurely manner with remarkable achievements.

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Pre-planning - pay attention to epidemic information, and have complete and accurate plans

A new wave of epidemic is approaching, the production planning department immediately reported the situation to the factory leaders, and launched an emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control. After being approved, the first production planning department immediately informs each workshop and functional department to make a thorough investigation of the situation - the assembly workshop implements and sorts out the urgently needed orders and the inventory of available production materials, so as to determine the production capacity invested during the sealing and control period; the process workshop statistics meet the requirements The minimum personnel and equipment guarantees required for the planned production capacity of the assembly; the planning of on-duty personnel in key functional departments such as equipment, material control, quality and process... Everything is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Break through difficulties - the team works closely and focuses on customer needs

As Wendeng district is the main area of the epidemic, the cross regional transportation control is more strict and basically at a standstill, which makes the already overburdened material preparation worse.

Facing such a difficult situation, the North plant fully carries forward the team spirit of close cooperation: the production planning department I maintains unprecedented close communication with the export department and the shipping department, defines the inspection and delivery information, timely and accurately transmits it, and accurately guides the production scheduling of the workshop; The assembly workshop pays close attention to the production scheduling plan, earnestly implements the feedback plan, and accurately provides material demand information; The process workshop uses multi-functional workers and processing units to arrange shifts reasonably, allocate the production capacity of each process in time, and ensure the schedule requirements of parts in the production scheduling plan; The quality department communicates with the inspection company timely and efficiently, and completes the video inspection with high quality as required; The production and material control, procurement and shipping departments make every effort to communicate with the suppliers and relevant government departments, handle the passage procedures in accordance with the regulations, and organize the material transportation in a variety of ways (such as self delivery by borrowing a car, self delivery by renting a car, supplier delivery, container delivery, etc.), so as to ensure the supply of materials necessary for the resumption of production in the workshop.

Build a team - with one heart and one mind and remarkable achievements

Due to the limited number of dormitory berths, the vast majority of returning workers solve the problem of rest at night in the office. Some lay on the floor, some slept on stools, and some slept on tables. Although the conditions are difficult, everyone is positive and optimistic without complaining. Many important improvement measures and golden ideas are inspired by chatting before going to bed at night. The scene seems to have returned to the innocent era of high school.

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Through the test of this epidemic, the professional quality, professionalism and optimism of the majority of cadres and workers have been fully reflected. The cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, the cooperation and execution of the team, the ability of cadres to solve problems and resist pressure have been tested and exercised in the work of returning to work against the epidemic. Whether for enterprises or individuals, it is a special and valuable experience worthy of serious summary and aftertaste.

During the epidemic, Allwin Technology North Plant has comprehensive and timely information, well-considered plans, orderly organization of production, close teamwork, and harmonious working and living atmosphere for cadres and employees. They completed 80% of the output value tasks with 60% of the staff, achieved an output value of 6 million Chinese yuan, and shipped 3.55 million Chinese yuan.

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