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Shared by Mr. Yu Liangzi, deputy general manager: Goal management and cohesion training

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.07.23

After listening to Mr. Liu's lecture on goal management and cohesion for a whole day, I was deeply moved by Mr. Liu's wonderful lecture. Here I share some insights with you.


1、 Basic elements of objective management:

(1). Determine the goal, which should be challenging;

(2). Grasp the current situation, fully understand the gap between the current situation and the goal, and find out the root causes of these gaps;

(3). According to the current situation, formulate strategies to achieve the goals;

(4). In the process, regularly find the gap against the goal and constantly adjust the goal strategy.

The whole process fully reflects the workflow and methods of P, D, C, A cycles.

On the other hand, in some of my own work, if the work is done well, they are all done in strict accordance with the basic process of goal management above. If the work is not done well or not in place, most of them do not pay attention to the goal. The steps of grasping the current situation, formulating strategies, summarizing and improving have not been done well, or have not been done at all. Therefore, in the future work, we must strictly follow the requirements of the basic elements of target management and do a good job in target management. 

2、 Praise more and criticize less

In our usual work and life, we are always extremely stingy about praise. I remember that when my children were in junior high school, their academic performance and comprehensive development were not very good. With the recommendation of friends, we participated in a parent-child training class. During the two-day three night training, the teacher talked and trained on the same theme - good children are boasted, sticks and scolding can only hurt their self-esteem and make their children rebellious. Under the guidance of such a correct idea, we should seriously practice the educational method of more praise and less criticism. The educational method is right, and the child's later development is also good. Family education is this truth, it's the same truth that we usually face our colleagues and subordinates in our work. In the future, we must seriously practice the correct working method of more praise and less criticism as the teacher said, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.

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