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Talent team building needs coaching leadership (2)

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.09.19

Talent team is the core of enterprise development, and talent training ability and talent management ability are the core competitiveness of enterprise development.


Only the best can produce better people:

Cadres at all levels of our company are outstanding talents who have grown up in long-term practice. Only when cadres take up the important task of cultivating talents and become coaching leaders can our company become a learning organization and continue to attract and cultivate talents. It is hoped that all cadres will act immediately and actively carry out coaching training such as teaching, on-site tutoring, and apprenticeship. If we want employees to become better and better, cadres must make themselves better and better, and cadres must first strengthen self-coaching and self-breakthrough.

Coaching leadership requires altruistic thinking and talent cultivation awareness, not only to grow oneself but also to achieve others. Must have a strong sense of purpose, through self-coaching, self-breakthrough, solidly improve trust ability, coaching ability. Be able to communicate frankly, make good use of praise and criticism, make good use of encouragement and recognition, and let sincere praise and recognition float in the air. At the same time, we must also trust without letting go, supervise without doubt, criticize without denying, and effectively improve team execution and cohesion. Coaching leadership is not only about accomplishing goals, but also about developing talent.

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