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Talent team building needs coaching leadership (3)

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.09.27

Talent team is the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and talent training ability and talent management ability are the core competitiveness of enterprise development.


Only by employing people's strengths and avoiding weaknesses can they form a team's combat effectiveness:

Everyone has their strengths. If we can make use of their strengths and avoid weaknesses, arrange everyone in a suitable position, and give full play to everyone's potential, then our team's combat effectiveness will be greatly improved. There is never a shortage of talents. What is lacking is the vision to discover talents and the ability to cultivate talents. Cadres at all levels must learn to use the strengths of their subordinates, and through teamwork to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and learn from each other's strengths to make up for their weaknesses, so as to promote the company's business development.

Everyone has shortcomings. If you want to use someone's strengths, you must be tolerant. Tolerance is the key to a leader's success. Any job involves two aspects: one is dealing with things and the other is dealing with people. An engineer with a withdrawn personality, if his work is mainly dealing with products, then there is no harm in intolerance. An employee in a workshop only deals with machines, so even if he cannot get along with everyone, it does not prevent him from using his skills to produce exquisite products. However, any manager has to deal with people. Some people define management as "the skill of accomplishing tasks through others". The importance of tolerance is immediately apparent when dealing with people.

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