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ALLWIN - sprint new goals, expand high-end products and create international brand

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.01.14

In recent years, under the guidance of ALLWIN's development strategy of sprinting new goals, expanding high-end products and creating international brand, the company has mainly achieved the following achievements:

1. The international market share of main products has increased year by year, and the international market share of desktop electric polishing tool products has reached more than 30%, becoming the global market leader of this product series. The company has won honors such as the single champion of manufacturing in Shandong Province, the national specialization and new little giant enterprise,  etc. In 2020, the company had sales revenue of 600 million yuan, and in 2021, it had sales revenue of more than 700 million yuan. The company sales revenue increased more than 20% every year.

2. It has successively developed more than a dozen new products such as high-grade scroll saw, high-grade household woodworking planer, and composite bench-drilling woodworking vehicles, breaking the monopoly of Taiwanese manufacturers in this field. In 2021,  ALLWIN had shipment value of 50 million on new product and 141 million on new business.

3. Applied for independent brands in the US and European markets, and actively developed 2B and 2C cross-border e-commerce. Directly reached foreign users without foreign middlemen. In our industry, the margin of traditional trade is generally only 5%, but we have achieved good benefit through the operation of cross-border e-commerce stores such as Amazon, and the margin can reach 30%. In addition, because of directly reaching end consumers, we have obtained a large number of first-hand user habits and common problems, which provide valuable information for future development of new products and gradual improvement of product design quality. This is the secret and core competitiveness of foreign middlemen in the past.


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