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Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.01.21

In 2021, I have deeply realized the huge institutional advantages of China.

When our competitors in other countries are unable to work due to the COVID-19, only China can guarantee stable production and delivery, which let the company take the lead in the market competition.

When the price of bulk raw materials skyrocketed and corporate profits shrunk sharply, China acted in a timely manner to stabilize price.

Here I would also like to thank the Wendeng District Committee and the Wendeng District Government for their meticulous care for the company. Leaders at all levels often visit the company to ask about the company's difficulties and investigate the development trend. In 2021, we have obtained various support funds such as Weihai Green Factory, Weihai Industrial Design Center, International Market Development Funds, Wendeng District Special Intelligent Manufacturing Special Projects, etc., to help enterprises accelerate their transformation and upgrading.


There are also huge challenges for enterprise development in 2022. First, the impact of COVID-19 is extensive and far-reaching. Our factory mainly exports to Europe and the United States, and the market demand is unstable and uncertain. Second, economic globalization has encountered adverse currents. Our company's exports to the United States account for about 40% of the total export value. The uncertainty of Sino-US relations is a potential business risk for us. But we firmly believe that we have the ability to do better and better!

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