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The figure of "Allwin" in the fight against the epidemic

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.03.25

The epidemic made Weihai press the pause button. From March 12th to 21st, the residents of Wendeng also entered a state of working at home. But in this special period, there are always some people who are retrograde in the corners of the city as volunteers.


There is an active figure in the volunteer team of the Shuxiang Community of the Huanshan Sub-district Office. He helps maintain order in the community, delivers vegetables and supplies in the community, visits the door to check if there are any omissions in nucleic acid testing, and assists in maintaining the order of nucleic acid testing... He is tirelessly busy where people are needed, and he is there wherever they are needed. His name is Liu Zhuang, a member of the Communist Party of China and an employee of Allwin. Due to the special nature of his work, Mr. Liu had done several rounds of nucleic acid tests in advance. After confirming that he was fine, he resolutely signed up as a volunteer. He said, I am a party member, I love our city. I should stand up and do my best at this special time.


During the epidemic, Jack Sun, a young product director of Allwin and a member of the District Political Consultative Conference, bought 3,000 masks and more than 300 catties of fruit at his own expense, and visited volunteers in many communities with public welfare organizations. Jack Sun is enthusiastic about public welfare and has been quietly doing public welfare activities for many years. He said that Allwin's core culture is"All Win". Allwin people have always paid attention to the difficulties, actively participated in the major events around them, made their own modest efforts for the needs around them, touched the pulse of the times in public welfare and better realize its own value.

It is precisely because of the silent efforts of many volunteers and public welfare workers like Liu Zhuang and Jack Sun who "do their best" that Wendeng has better controlled the epidemic and resumed work quickly during this round of outbreak. Liu Zhuang and Jack Sun also used their own practical actions to practice the core concept of "AllWin" in Allwin's culture.

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