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Unite to fight the epidemic and ensure production

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.04.22

At 0:26 on April 5, the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notice to the people of the whole region that "all staff will be static from 0:00 on April 5". After receiving the notice, Wendeng citizens flocked to major supermarkets, vegetable wholesale markets and seafood markets to buy food and other daily necessities. 

At the first time after receiving the static notice, the person in charge of the 3 plant areas of Allwin company made a quick and decisive decision according to their respective production scheduling and material reserves, and immediately called some employees back to the plant. The 3 plant areas spontaneously and coincidentally sounded the midnight rally signal. Some of our employees got up from their sleep and quickly packed their clothes, some went back to the countryside to pick up their parents to take care of their children in the city, and some sent their children back to the countryside for their parents to take care of... Instead of being crowded in the rush to buy people, they rode bicycles, motorcycles, or carpool with each other, carrying luggage, bedding, toiletries and carry on clothes, and passed through the rush to buy vehicles and people in the night, gathered in the factory from all directions.

At 6 a.m. on April 5, the 3 factories counted the employees returning to the factory respectively: 150 people in the north factory, 144 people in the south factory and 104 people in Kunyu Road factory. In just a few hours, a total of 398 people in the 3 factories broke through all layers of resistance and returned to their posts smoothly. In addition, a total of 630 employees living in the factory can be put into production too. During the ten days, under the careful organization and reasonable arrangement of relevant departments of each plant, the output value of the 3 plants was 13.3 million yuan and the delivery was 13.05 million yuan, which met the most urgent order needs of customers and won wide praise from customers.


When the whole city is blocked and the peripheral supply chain is almost cut off, how can the cadres and workers of the company overcome various difficulties and transport emergency goods in? At the request of collective stillness in the whole region, how can the employees distributed in various residential areas return to the team late at night? In the case of serious absence of employees at each post, how can the supervisors of each department inspire the on-the-job employees to break through self specialization and successfully complete the production task? How can the sales shipping department keep its business together, coordinate online and offline, and ensure the normal delivery of logistics? How does the logistics support department organize personnel to rush to buy rice flour, grain and oil to ensure that the food quality does not decline? More than 600 cadres and workers who stick to their posts have composed one moving song of loving their posts and dedication, fearing difficulties.

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