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Return before dawn

Author: Small Q     Release time: 2022.04.29

In the midnight of April 5, 2022, after Wendeng implemented the second home quarantine, Allwin employees who received the notice of returning to their posts were on the way back to the factory. Who has packed up, who was waiting downstairs, who was on the way, who was stuck at which intersection...... They went back to the factory for Allwin order production.


There were many touching stories. Bao Ling, a planner in workshop 1 of assembly deparment, left her son of junior high school at home while her husband was quarantined; Shao Wenbo, the warehouse keeper of workshop 1,  left his daughter of junior high school at home because his wife went home to sweep his mother's grave and was quarantined in the countryside; Liu Chunli returned to the factory with her husband Huang Zhang and left their daughter at home; Zhou Weilin of quality department returned to the factory with his wife Zhang Meibao and sent his three-year-old son back to his hometown overnight; Gu Jianyang in processing workshop 2 has a sick wife that need to be taken care of; Yang Hongguang in workshop 4, his father needs rehabilitation and examination; Feng Kaijie in Technology Department has not recovered from his foot injury, but they all chose to return to the factory without hesitation in the face of the needs of the company.

In the face of the sudden epidemic, it is natural and justifiable to implement the static instructions of the whole region. However, in the face of the company's call and the urgent needs of customers, all the employees of Allwin company have the same goal and have no hesitation to choose to return to work. It is precisely because there are so many cadres and workers who care about the enterprise and struggle in the front line. They work together, forming a strong combat effectiveness, helping the company overcome one difficulty after another and pushing the enterprise to a higher level of development. The company is proud to have such a group of down-to-earth and willing cadres and workers.

Pay tribute to every Allwin employee who insists on struggle!

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